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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Seems I've developed a habit of drawing Santa puppies each year.

Last year, we adopted a gorgeous puppy from the RSPCA and my brain had turned to puppy pulp from adoration. So, it was only natural I would draw a Santa puppy.

This year, I'm illustrating a picture book, featuring the cute fur-character above. Everyone else was wearing Santa hats and I didn't want the puppy to feel left out. This sweet, heartwarming Christmas story, written by Lili Wilkinson, will be published in time for Christmas 2017 by Allen and  Unwin.

I'm currently up to the exciting colour stage of the picture book and have spent this week preparing and experimenting. (Some onlookers may call this part of the process, procrastination.)

I've been working out my character colour palette, making my own texture brushes using pastel, pencil and watercolour, and experimenting with some new brushes I recently purchased from Kyle T Webster. I'm having so much fun procrast... I mean, preparing.

The deadline is fast approaching, so I'll be busy working on this book for the entire school holidays. My children have had to make their own fun at home so far. The inside of our house has turned into a paper jungle of lanterns, snowflakes and streamers dangling from windows, ceilings and fans. My husband and I pretty much have to crawl around on our hands and knees, so that we don't tangle ourselves up in it all. FYI - children design Christmassy lands for child height people.

Our house is feeling festive at least.

Merry Christmas!

A small section of some final drawings from the book.

A small section of my children's paper jungle.

Our puppy when she was small.
The day her bed exploded.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hiding with Ted - Illustration process

This video shows my illustration process in fast forward. I scanned my pencil drawing and greyscale watercolour washes, then coloured in photoshop.

I originally illustrated this for the cover of, Take Ted Instead, a picture book written by Cassandra Webb (New Frontier Publishing, 2016). However, I had to change the orientation layout of the boy and Ted to standing position, so the illustration would fit nicely around the words. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Take Ted Instead is out now!

Take Ted Instead
Written by Cassandra Webb and illustrated by me.

It's bedtime for one tired little boy. Why should he go to bed when everyone else in the house is still awake? He has a plan to keep himself wide awake . . .

Take Ted Instead is available to purchase from most Australian bookshops (excluding department stores). If the book is currently out of stock, the bookshop should be able to order it in for you. Alternatively, you can purchase online from the following stores: Scholastic StoreBoomerang Books, Angus Robertson, QBD, Booktopia.

It seems so long ago since I completed the illustrations for Take Ted Instead (way back in May last year). Here are some illustrations from inside the book . . .

And some of my very early sketches and storyboard layouts . . .

More illustrations and sketches from Take Ted Instead are on my website.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I was a little too busy leading up to Christmas to attend to my blog (and that would also include the 8 months leading up to Christmas, whoops), so belated Merry Christmas.

Above is an illustration of my daughter (who had been wearing reindeer antlers since November) and our new puppy (who would much rather be bouncing out of the picture with Santa's hat tightly secured between her teeth).

We're now onto our second day of 2016 here in Australia, so Happy New Year too.

Things have been very quiet here, illustration-wise, for the last 8 months, as I've had a few personal things to attend to, and I've been busy moving house and settling back into the leafy edges of Brisbane, near where I grew up. It's so lovely to be among the gum trees once again. Being surrounded by nature fuels my energy and inspiration, so I'm hoping 2016 will bring an abundance of creative zest my way.

I do have some exciting news to celebrate the New Year with however ~ my new website is now up and running, I've given this blog a well deserved facelift (after long neglect) and my third picture book is going to be released April this year!

New Website